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In 2016, I had my first hair test done while working with a medical doctor. I was amazed that such an inexpensive test could reveal so much. The doctor recommended Trace Minerals among other things to restore metabolic balance. One of the unexpected results of this was that the shoulder pain I had from a labral tear began to improve dramatically. Gradually chiropractic adjustments began to hold longer. I saw firsthand the important role that minerals play in the body.
In 2017, I learned about Morley Robbins and the Magnesium Advocacy Group and began to slowly implement the Root Cause Protocol. In 2018, I attended the Copernican Institute of Mineral Metabolism and Mentorship to learn more and to help others improve their health. So many things about my own health journey began to make sense. Overall, my muscle health is much improved, my body is able to make more energy and I am better able to handle the stressors of life. Our bodies are able to heal when given the proper nutrients and building blocks. We truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made!"