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About Me

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I came to Guam in 1998 as an elementary teacher. As the years progressed, I noticed my body was not able to handle the stressors of teaching as efficiently as before. In an effort to help my body,  I began working with a doctor who specialized in minerals. One of the unexpected results of this was that the shoulder pain I had began to improve dramatically. I saw firsthand the important role that minerals play in the body. But my doctor and I were missing something. Why were the minerals being lost in the first place?

What causes minerals to be lost in the body? Stress! We all know about physical and emotional stress; but toxicities such as mold, heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, and parasites also create stress in the body and will deplete minerals. As a teacher, the stress of moving classes completely online during Covid crashed my health. I was able to stabilize things, but by the end of 2020, I knew there was something I was missing. I had heard about Quantum Nutrition Testing (QNT) and decided to give it a try. QNT was able to identify the toxicities that were creating stress in my body, and I was given a program that included the exact supplements that I needed to help my body heal. Within 7-10 days of starting the supplements, the internal vibrations that were keeping me from laying flat at night were gone. Healing happens in layers, so I continue to work with my practitioner to clean up my body so that it can work the way God intended.
Overall, my health is much improved. My body can make more energy, and I am better able to handle the stressors of life. Our bodies can heal when given the proper nutrients and building blocks. We truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made!" (Psalm 139:14)
​In the spring of 2022, Dr. Lisa Palmer began teaching Quantum Nutrition Testing. I took the Level 1 class in May and began working with clients in August. It has been amazing to watch them improve their health. I plan to take the Level 2 class in June of 2023.
After almost a quarter of a century teaching, I have seen a major increase in autism, ADHD, and other learning needs. My passion is to help children by identifying the imbalances in their bodies early and removing the obstacles that are preventing them from being all that God made them to be.


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