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What is Quantum Nutrition Testing?

Quantum Nutrition Testing (QNT) is a holistic and natural means that utilizes kinesiology, muscle testing, and quantum physics to identify possible interferences in the body’s nervous system. These interferences, when identified, can assist a practitioner in helping a person identify the possible causes of imbalances in the body and educate a person about how to improve their health naturally using natural means. QNT is NOT treating or diagnosing any medical condition or nutritional deficiency. It is not practicing medicine, nutrition, or any other licensed health care field.  

QNT was developed by Dr. Lisa Palmer, a chiropractor in Longwood, Florida. She had been utilizing muscle testing in her chiropractic and nutrition practice. During the pandemic, she was forced to think outside the traditional box of muscle testing when her dad was hospitalized. She was unable to visit him to physically muscle test him. She discovered that she could use herself as the indirect tester, and found some nutritional supplements that would support his body's ability to heal. She began to implement this in her practice and soon she and her associate practitioners were helping people all over the world. 

How does it work? Every part of Creation has a frequency, and we are testing those frequencies. Cell phone and video calls use frequencies. Because frequencies travel, we are able to talk to people and see people in real time no matter the distance. No wires are necessary. QNT utilizes these same principles. Moms are known for their intuition. They know when something is not right with their child. How do they know? They are instinctively tuning in to frequencies coming from their children.

health history consultation
report of findings


This consists of two 30-45 minute sessions. In the first session, I gather a complete health history and look at what areas you would like help. In the second session, I review your Report of Findings and how I can help you. If you decide to work with me, I will ask you to commit to a 3-month membership with weekly check-in appointments.

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